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Sustainable or “green” solutions that work the right way, the first time have been tough to come by in years past. Couple that with the fact that production facilities are faced with a so many regulations and compliance issues that it can be difficult to decipher and keep up to date with all the information. Kor-Chem is the partner you need to stay informed, compliant and on the cutting edge.

Press Washes

Kor-Chem press washes are safe on emulsions and for the environment. Our press washes do not contain chlorinated solvents and reduce the need for haze removers during reclaim.

Ink Removers

The Kor-Chem line of ink removers are safe, effective solutions that work on all types of ink. These products quickly emulsify inks and produce great results with one application.

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Emulsion Removers

These biodegradable solutions are fast acting on all emulsion types. Kor-Chem’s ER products are available in both ready to use and concentrated solutions for efficient use in any shop.