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Designed to chemically extend the water and discharge ink resistance of Murakami Direct Emulsions.
The Monster-Max II Scoop-Coater is a 100% metal scoop coater
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SBQ Pure Photopolymer Emulsion: Murakami innovated PVA/SBQ pure photo polymer emulsion technology over 30 years ago for the screen printing industry.  We continue to improve and lead the way in emulsion research and development for the screen printing industry. SBQ emulsion exposes faster, produces sharper emulsion shoulders, and can withstand high storage temperatures as well as having a one year shelf life.  Murakami continues to improve upon our industry leading SBQ emulsions with products to meet any print application.  See all SBQ emulsions GO>

Dual Cure Emulsions combine the best of both SBQ emulsion benefits and diazo emulsion benefits.  Murakami dual cure emulsions are known for their wide latitude of exposure to image details easily.  They also can be used with difficult ink systems that may be hot solvent inks, or co solvent inks where both solvent and water resistancy are needed. See all Dual Cure Emulsions GO>

Diazo Emulsions: Murakami continues to raise the bar with new and improved diazo emulsions that can perform well under demanding print conditions.  These economical emulsions provide excellent print performance value with exceptional resolution, durability and ease of use. See all Diazo Emulsions GO>


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