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We take pride in selection of quality products.


All of the products we use for Re-Meshing are from trusted brands.


If you have any questions regarding our products or would like more information, please contact us:

Re-Meshed Frames

No minimum order for re-stretch.

$2.00 Per screen to degrease.

$2.00 per screen not cleaned, or have excessive tape, ink or adhesive residues

Precision Mesh Exceptional Print Qualities!

■Smartmesh is unique, one of a kind mesh

■Low elongation thread, retains tension better than any brand.

■Balanced Weft and Warp threads to maintain dot on dot registration.

■Precise square mesh openings to prevent moire

■Mesh above 280 is surface treated for excellent emulsion adhesion and better transfer of ink to substrate.

Mesh Adhesives

MS-Bond 2 Part Adhesive is a fast drying high performance polyester adhesive. It dries quickly and has excellent sheer strength. Bonds to aluminum, wood, plastic, and all types of metal.


Glue remains flexible to prevent the knife like mesh edges that can form with super glue type adhesives.


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