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1641 Albachem Clear Screen 
(screen opener) 

14oz aerosol can (case pack 12)       

Instantly opens clogged screens while still on press. Dissolves all types of inks, fresh or old. Great for spot clean-up in hard-to-reach corners.

List Price          Can              Case
                       $7.37          $88.84

Cleaners, Lubricants, Adhesives
1634 AlbaChem Citrus Screen Opener                                             

15oz aerosol can (case pack 12)       

Instantly opens clogged screens while still on press with a pleasant citrus smell. Dissolves most types of inks, fresh or old. Great for spot clean-up in hard-to-reach corners. For use on photographic stencils or water soluble hand cut film only. Also cleans ink, dirt and oil from printing presses.

•Emulsion Safe
•Leaves No Film
•Fast Acting

 List Price        Can        Case
                      $8.32     $99.84

1632 Albachem WB Screen Opener

 19oz aerosol can (case pack 12)      

​AlbaChem WATER-BASED SCREEN OPENER Works on all water-based inks Fast Acting Opens Clogged Screens Leaves No Film AlbaChem 1632 safely opens clogged screen of dried in water based inks. The foaming cleaner works fast without leaving any film or oily residue. 

AlbaChem water based Screen Opener may also be used to clean ink and dirt from printing presses. 

List Price           Can              Case
                        $6.24           $74.88

1787 AlbaChem Premium Mist Adhesive

 14oz aerosol (case pack 12))       

AlbaChem PREMIUM MIST ADHESIVE Super Strong Tack Stable at High Temperatures Less Frequent Re-application Great for Screen Printing Applications Mist Spray Pattern AlbaChem Premium Mist applies more adhesive solids for obtaining a strong bond using less adhesive. It is great in applications where a light mist adhesive does not provide enough tack. AlbaChem Premium Mist Adhesive is heat stable, water resistant, presents a fast tack and will not wrinkle most porous surfaces or fabrics.

List Price          Can              Case
​                        $7.33         $87.96

​ 1786 AlbaChem Premium Flash Adhesive

 13oz aerosol can (case pack 12)

​AlbaChem PREMIUM FLASH ADHESIVE Stable at High Temperatures Less Frequent Re-application Will Not Transfer Maintains Tack with Multiple Flashes Mist Spray Pattern AlbaChem Premium Flash adhesive has both a good cold tack and a great hot tack. The unique mist spray is activated by a heat flash. The tack increases each time you flash the pallet greatly reducing the new for reapplication. It will not become gummy from a flash. Great for automatic presses with multiples flashes. 

List Price          Can             Case
                       $7.60         $91.20

     1783 AlbaChem Premium Web Adhesive

 13oz aerosol can (case pack 12)

​AlbaChem Premium Web Adhesive is ideal for all screen printing applications. Will not transfer Repositionable Clear Non-Staining Non-Chlorinated WEB SPRAY PATTERN Special purpose adhesive spray designed for tacking textiles to the pallet during screen printing. The unique webbing spray pattern dries quickly providing a longlasting tack that will not transfer onto the screen printed garment. Unlike mist adhesive sprays, Dri-Web will not lose its tack when printing on fleece or other materials that may leave a coating over the adhesive. Dri-Web will not stain or soak through fabrics. VOC compliant for use in all 50 States

List Price          Can              Case
​                        $7.80         $93.60
1654 AlbaChem Dry Silicone

 11oz aerosol (case pack 12))

AlbaChem DRY SILICONE Long Lasting Lubrication Does Not Attract Dust Guaranteed Not to Stain Fabrics Prevents Friction and Heat Build-Up V.O.C. Compliant and many more 101 Uses! Textiles, Furniture, Machinery, Automotive, Paper & Converters, Industrial, Mold Release Agent, Heat Sealing, Screen Printing. 

List Price          Can              Case
​                       $6.49          $77.88
1674 Albachem Spot Lifter II​

 17oz aerosol (case pack 12))       

MOST POWERFUL POWDERED SPOT REMOVER *Spray On *Let Dry *Brush Off *Leaves No Rings USE ON ALL CLOTHING & TEXTILES Removes: From: Grease Clothing Oil Carpets Food Upholstery Dirt Auto Interiors Tar Wallpaper Graphite Bedding & More 

List Price          Can              Case
​                       $10.43       $125.16
ALBA-PRE and ALBA-BRO are fantastic pretreats in aerosol form. The unique
nozzle applies a smooth even coat with minimal overspray. For lighter garments
only one light coat can be used.
Use AlbaChem ® Pretreats as a sole pretreat or as a compliment to pretreatment
machines. Short runs, hats, small print areas (i.e. left pocket print) are but a few
examples where Alba-Pre and Bro are preferred over pretreatment machines.

Alba-Pre is designed for Epson® and like machines and ink. Alba-Bro is
specifically designed for Brother® printers and inks.

ALBA-PRE DTG Pretreatment Spray
Item# 1670
Net Wt 15.75oz (447g)
Case Pack 12

List Price                      Can                    Case
​                                    $16.95                $197.45

ALBA-BRO DTG Pretreatment Spray
Item# 1680
Net Wt 15.75oz (447g)
Case Pack 12

List Price                     Can                 Case
​                                   $16.95              $197.45

Great Pretreats for Direct to Garment Printers